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WQW on Integrity

Albert Einstein famously said, “whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”. The bedrock of WQW’s offering is integrity. We believe strongly that if a client cannot trust their lawyers then it is game over for the lawyer/client relationship. Asset finance and acquisition is by its very nature a branch of legal work that involves large amounts of money being transacted, often across continents. Local and international laws determine issues such as money laundering and exchange control requirements, while statute and professional regulations govern the conduct of professionals such as lawyers and accountants. Ultimately, however, integrity is not imposed by any law society or any statute. It is a state of mind. It signifies a determination to act properly and an unwillingness to bend to expediency. Our clients can rest assured that integrity is hard wired into the WQW ethos. While we do not claim to walk in the light of MLK’s ‘creative altruism’, nor do we exist for any purposes other than to make an honest living and to do our level best in representing the interests of our clients – if we were ever so 1990s as to adopt a ‘mission statement’, then that’s as good a one as any.

WQW Limited

20 February 2016

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