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Fergal Quinn joins the Roll of Solicitors of the Republic of Ireland

WQW is delighted to announce that, as of 28th February 2017, founding partner Fergal Quinn has been entered on the Roll of Solicitors of the Republic of Ireland. With Brexit on the horizon, Fergal’s dual qualification in the jurisdictions of England & Wales and Ireland will allow WQW to explore a wider range of Brexit mitigation strategies to maintain access to the Single European Market and the European Customs Union, and it demonstrates well the ambitiousness of WQW’s business planning for the future.

Fergal comments - "As an Irishman, I am delighted to have been entered on the Roll of Solicitors in my homeland. The Brexit referendum and the continuing uncertainty surrounding freedom of movement of EU nationals in the UK has helped to focus minds for those of us who wish to continue to reap the benefits of European integration. I shall be celebrating liberally on St Patricks Day with a lunchtime Guinness at the Harp Bar."

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